Benefits Of Installing Dash Cam HGV

If you are a professional commercial vehicle driver, you spend more than half of the day on the road. So, safety is your primary concern. There are times when these vehicles get involved in accidents and in absence of any proof, the driver is blamed for the incident. Having an HGV dash cam installed will keep you safe in several aspects. The camera has a video recording feature, so it records your full journey in HD. There are many benefits of the dash cam.

Some of them are given below:

Protects you against scams – The biggest reason to install a dash cam in your heavy good vehicles is that it protects you from crash for cash scams. This scam is increasing from the last 4-5 years and targets vans, HGV’s, and all the other commercial vehicles. In this, the scammer causes the accident and claims for damage. If you do not have any evidence, the insurance company will take the side of the scammer and offer them pay-out.

Insurance evidence – If you have suffered a severe accident and want to claim the insurance money, the recording on the cam will help you to a great deal. The insurer can see what exactly happened and then they take the decision based on evidence instead of unreliable witnesses.

Decrease your insurance premium – installing a dash cam can help in reducing the insurance premium to a great deal. It is because with a cam installed, you get an added security.

Monitors the behavior of driver – The modern dash cams are featured with dual lenses. One lens is facing forward and other towards the driver. Therefore, it can easily notice and record the behavior of the driver.