Buy A Trendy Bike And Maintain It Properly

Lots of people are crazy for their bikes in Chester. The trend and fashion of bikes is never ending and with new models with advanced features made available in the market, the craze is increasing more. People like investing in buying with advance features but these bikes also demand proper care and maintenance. So, you need to choose the right motorbike shop in Chester that is company certified to offer bike maintenance services.

new motorcycle on the road

Maintenance tips of motorbike

There are many basic services for maintenance that you need to pay attention to:

  • Tire condition – check the tires regularly and get the bike serviced if you notice any change in handling the bike. Over-inflated tires give less than optimal performance while under-inflated tires will heat and get damaged early. So, it is necessary to check the tire pressure before and after the journey. Replace the tires if you notice pressure loss.
  • Replace engine-oil – it lubricates your engine and gears and if you don’t change engine oil then it can cause damage to the engine. Check oil leakages and do not run your bike on dirty fuel because it can reduce the engine life and increase the consumption of fuel.
  • Clean air filter – dirty filter can clog it in very short time. So, always clean and change the air filter at some period of time in dusty conditions to ensure that the engine is in good working condition.
  • Servicing of the engine – get your engine serviced regularly if you want to add to the life years of the engine and gain fuel efficiency. Clean the carburetor and spark plugs and it is essentially important to use correct spark plugs. Clean and maintain and replace the choke if it is damaged.